I am sharing this site and blog to post updates about my quilting, sewing, lessons and projects.  I will be sharing with you any interesting information, links, videos and photos that I may come across.  

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About me:

I grew up in the mid-west and I was always creative.  I learned a little about oil painting from a wonderful family friend, Marge Sharrow.  After I saw my sister taking dance lessons, I wanted to do it too.  Dance was my true love.  I also began sewing as a young girl (thanks to my creative and very talented mother).   I would do everything from cross-stitching  and rug hooking to embellishing vintage wedding gowns (which my father would buy for  me from antique shops) with pink and red lace.  I majored in Dance Performance in college and loved my costuming class.  I even designed and created costumes for dance pieces that I choreographed.  (Maybe someday I’ll post a video on here…maybe.  haha) I always had sewing in the background of my life but never really knew it as my #1 passion because dance was in the forefront at that time for me.  After moving to New York City in my early 20’s I began working in the interior design industry.  I asked questions every day and was lucky enough to have a wonderful mentor that was just as eager to teach me as I was to learn.  Working with her taught me so much about color, texture, fabrics, patterns and general design.  It was an invaluable learning experience for me and I am very grateful for that time in my life. 

     I have a beautiful quilt that my great-grandmother had made for me when I was born.  One chilly fall day in 2006, I was home and got the quilt out to snuggle under and watch a good movie.  I took a look at it and thought “I could do that!  That looks like fun!”  So online I went and searched for a local quilting class.  Little did I know that I would become a quilting, sewing, beading and fabric addict. 

     Since 2006 I have been taking MANY classes at The City Quilter in Manhattan (including some amazing guest teachers!) and online courses through QuiltUniversity.com.  I do as much research as possible on the internet and have a  library of books about quilting and beading, etc. which I have collected these recent years.  So here I am… to learn, to share and to grow as a quilter & fabric artist.  If I can help at least one person to learn something new or to be inspired then the purpose of this site is complete. 

Thank you for reading and Happy Creating!

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