Ok..  this is my first completed Cat Quilt.  My sister requested one for her cat, Mia.  Mia prefers white quilts.  I do not.  :)  (No offense, Mia)

The other request was that it fit the size of the top of my sister’s television.  Mia loves to nap there.

I originally started making this quilt with the idea that the white would be the top of the quilt and I would use some colorful fabric for the bottom.  That didn’t quite work out.  Once I began piecing the bottom of the quilt I found it difficult to to think of it as something that wouldn’t be looked at (or laid upon in this case).   I chose to quilt it as if the colorful fabric were the top and the white the bottom as Mia would have no clue that she was napping on the wrong side of the quilt.  Here it is:

Mia's Chic Quilt by Audra Kearney November 2009
Mia’s Chic Quilt by Audra Kearney November 2009
Mia's Chic Quilt back by Audra Kearney November 2009
Mia’s Chic Quilt back by Audra Kearney November 2009


      I used TWO layers of Thermore battng to make it extra soft for Mia.  I must also say that since Mia prefers white fabric to lay her pretty kitty queen-ness upon, I had to limit the amount of decorative quilting.  I chose to use a pink thread so if I quilted too much, the back would be pink an not white.  (If I had it my way the entire thing would have bee heavily free motion quilted.)  Quilters don’t always get things their way – especially when we have to compromise in order to make gifts.

Now don’t look at my binding corners too closely.  I’m still learning and this was completed before I found this great video:

Sharon Schamber’s Binding Video

My next binding I’ll definitely try that ladder stitch technique!

Thanks for reading and Happy Quilting!

-Audra at AuraQuilts

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