Here’s a terrific article that I thought all of you should read!

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I love how these men have picked up quilting as a hobby!  Even I  get jokes and smart remarks when I tell people I am a quilter just because of my very young age (don’t even try to make a comment! haha!).  It’s about time that we all started redefining the image of a quilter from a quiet old lady with 10 cats!  (No offense at all to you silver haired quilting divas out there!!!)

Bravo truckers!  Bravo!

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One thought on “Quilting Truckers or Trucking Quilters?

  • I love it! As a quilter who’s on the younger side myself (and who was such an oddity at quilt camp that the other ladies went out of their way to make me feel welcome), I love seeing a evidence of the diversity in quilting. I just hope that when the tattooed, shaved-headed guy heads into a quilt shop, he’s welcomed.

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