I’ve added the border to the Ulu quilt block by using the leftover fabric from cutting the design out for the flower applique.  I basically did “trial and error” like cutting out a snowflake from paper until it finally resulted in something I was happy with.  The corners remind me of Moroccan doorways which I like very much!  I’ve also been contemplating rotating the block on point (yes, I know this isn’t the traditional way to do a Hawaiian quilt but I like to do what I like!  :)   )


It is currently 25″ x 25″.  I have now added a batting and backing and am ready to quilt it.  Once the quilting is done I plan to scallop the edges before binding.  This should bring the quilt down to approximately 22″-24″.  I’m definitely adding beading but am still contemplating what colors, where and how much to add.  (Yes, I am trying not to imagine it completely encrusted with beads…it’s difficult to do but I think I can control myself. haha)

Thanks for reading and Happy Sewing!!

Audra at AuraQuilts.com

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