One of the online courses (at -great place!) I am taking is Hawaiian quilting!  Here is the beginning of my Ulu flower quilt!

     The size is approximately 24″ x 24″.  This could be made into a pillow cover or combined with other blocks into a large quilt.  I plan on making this into a wall hanging.  I’m still debating if I want to use the scrap fabric from the cutout to make a designed border.  We shall see…

     The Hawaiian appliqué technique is done by folding the applique fabric (shown in red here) into fourths and then folding that fourth by 1/2 into a triangle.  The pattern in then placed, traced and cut out.  It is then carefully placed/centered onto the background fabric (shown blue here) and pinned.  The design is then basted onto the background fabric to secure the design while the appliqué process is completed. 

     Currently I am about halfway through completeing the appliqué of the design.  Once completed I will post more photos. 

     I intend to quilt this in red thread so that it blends with the red design but shows contrast on the blue background.  I will also be adding some beading to this wall hanging even though Hawaiian quilts don’t traditionally have beading on them.  :)   I warned you that I was addicted!!

Tomorrow I’ll be posting photos of yet another new addiction…. fabric dying!!!!

Thanks for reading and Happy Sewing!

-Audra at

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