Finally I am posting the finished photos of the Birdie Bag by Amy Butler that I made for my sister for Christmas.  You can’t blame me for the delay when you see this week all the things I have completed since I last posted to you all. (at least I hope you won’t blame me  ha!)

Drum roll please…..

Hollie's Bag. Hollie’s Bag2

 The third picture is with the bag turned inside out so that you can see the cute cat fabric lining.  Unfortunately the pictures don’t do the outer fabrics justice.  I had planned on taking better photos of the bag, but in the rush to finish it for Christmas I ran out of time!  Oh well, there will be many many more bags and projects to come…

One thing for sure, I doubt that I will ever use a pattern again after this one.  I much prefer making my own!  I don’t like stopping to read instructions and especially the part about gussets.  I just skipped that part altogether!

Thanks for reading and Happy Sewing!!

-Audra at

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