I had promised my mother a bag for Christmas also but after the long and drawn out work on my sister’s bag I decided not to make my mother a bag but to make her a purse.  My mother doesn’t really carry much so I thought a small size would be much more appropriate.  I also thought that creating a shape similar to my sister’s Birdie Bag but shorter and smaller would be appropriate.   

     I skyped my mother to show her the fabrics and let her choose which she wanted.  By the way… Skype is AWESOME!  It’s wonderful when you have family living away from you.  It makes you feel as if they are in the room with you.  It was a wonderful tool to use over Christmas so that I could see my family opening their gifts.  I highly recommend it!

     Ok, back to sewing –  so I finally got a decision from mom.  She chose:

I wasn’t quite sure how to go about the closure of the purse but I knew that I did not want to add any bulky snaps or handles so I decided to add some of my new addiction…beading!!!

Here is the final result:

purse-1 AuraQuilts.compurse-2AuraQuilts.compurse-3AuraQuilts.compurse-4AuraQuilts.compurse-5AuraQuilts.compurse-6AuraQuilts.com

(Pictures 2,4 and 5 are with the purse turned inside out)

     I added the beaded pullover with a heavy glass bead at the end so that it would act as a closure.  They show a tri-colored ribbon I appliqued (does anyone know how to make the asteric -is that how you spell asteric? haha  above the “e” in applique???  Please post a comment if you do.  I’d appreciate it! ******UPDATE***THANKS Krystle Brown!  here it is!  :     appliqué   !!!!!!!! )  onto the lining in order to hide the beading stitches inside the bag.   I could have done the beading before sewing the lining on but I like the way the beading stitches anchor the lining and outer layers together. 

     I must admit…my second addiction is applique!  Oh how I love it! I could do it all day long.  There is something so relaxing about tactile handwork.  Sewing machines are great and get the job done fast but I find it very calming to have a project in my lap and working away as I watch a good movie.

     Anway,  I found the ribbon at M&J trimming on 6th Ave in Manhattan in the upper 30’s.  They have been in business since 1939 and I know why…because they are FANTASTIC!!!  I could spend days in that store.  So many ribbons and findings that it creates a dreamland for anyone with an itch to create!!  That is also a great area for bead shopping!  They have store after store lined along the street.  Great sales all the time and a nice selection of beads and charms and trinkets (oh my!)

     In case you were wondering…the teal block you see in picture 5 is a label stating my name, location and date it was completed with a personal note to my mother.

I hope she enjoys it as much as I enjoyed making it for her!

Thanks for reading and Happy Sewing!

-Audra at Aura Quilts

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