Sorry this post took so long to get on here.  But better late than never, right???

     Ok, so I know it’s not a quilt and it’s not quilting but I made a bag for my sister, Hollie,  as a Christmas gift.  I don’t like using patterns – at least other peoople’s patterns but I really liked the shape of this Amy Butler bag called “Birdie Sling” so I decided to give it a go.

Hollie's Bag 006

     A month or so before Christmas I called up my sister who lives in Indiana.  I didn’t tell her at this point that it was a bag, but just asked her to name some colors she would enjoy for me to make her something with.  She chose purple.  I then went on the hunt for fabric.  The pattern requires two fabrics for the outside and one for the lining.   I must say that I am a bit addicted to ebay.  Sad but true.  I know I should be supporting local quilt shops – which I do!  But I found some gorgeous fabric  that I thought my sister would really enjoy.  I chose a beautiful Kona Bay leaf pattern for the base, a Kona Bay geometric for the handle and band and a funny cat fabric for the lining.  The lining fabric has cats in meditative poses wearing sunglasses.  She enjoys meditation and loves her cats so I thought she’d really enjoy this lining as a secret surprise for only her to see each time she opens the bag.

  I have never taken a formal class on patterns, clothing or accessories so I trusted following the instructions and my common sense to get me through this project.  (I also knew I could call my mother as a life-line if needed).

    First,  I can’t believe how much cutting is necessary!!  First you have to cut the pattern out of the paper.  Why don’t companies send it to you pre-cut??  If I’m paying for a pattern, why do I need to also do the labor of cutting it out!  I just don’t get it.  Then I had to cut the fabric.  then I had to cut the iron-0n fusing!  Three steps of cutting in order to finally begin sewing the darn thing.  Maybe this is why I am a quilter and not a tailor.  I’d much rather be free-motion quilting than spending time with a pair of scissors in my hand cutting a paper pattern out!  If I wanted to be a scrap booker (is that a real title?) then I would be scrap booking! (no offense to you scrap bookers out there!)

   To be continued…

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