Ok…  a few things about this one…   Mia requested a larger quilt to lay-eth upon-eth her queenlyness-eth.  I used white muslin on the back and pieced the top with kitty fabric and purple. 

     Mia is a very elegent kitty so I decided to make a central medallion to improve the quilt to her level since the fabric had cartoonish cats on it.  I traced the center medallion design onto Golden Threads paper, pinned it and attempted to quilt it.  The paper tore and shifted badly.  Ugh!  It took me hours to go over the design with a satin stich while pulling out the prior threads as I went.  I was NOT a happy camper.  In the end, I fugured “Hey, a CAT is going to use this.  Who cares, right??!”    A lesson I learned from this is:  Have fun with quilting, it’s not the end of the world if something doesn’t work out!  Just learn from it and move on!  :)

     I finished off the quilt by free motion-ing loopdy loops around the edge of the quilt and hand quilting a kitty paw smack in the middle.  This quilt (like the smaller pink one) had two layers of Thermore in it to make it nice and poofy/comfy for Mia to lay upon.  I hope she enjoys it.  :)

Here’s the photos:

Thank you for reading and Happy Quilting!

-Audra at AuraQuilts.com

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One thought on “The Second CAT Quilt

  • Awesome description of your quilting process! It’s always neat to hear how people learn things along the way. Mia’s going to LOVE these!!!

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